The Right Numbers

How many followers? On Instagram (only recently joined, I note defensively), I have all of 16, and I'm following 18.

At my poetry readings, about 26 people take part (average taken from just two events, I note dutifully).

About 35 people have copies of my Means of Protection poem sets. This means I need to print more, as the first modest printing is almost gone.

I'm hoping to sell at least 20 poem sets (they cost $20 apiece, for those keeping track) at a reading in September, the proceeds of which will go to support a local organization that supports families. With those sales plus the $20 admission fee (20 is a sound number—not too big, not too small), I'm aiming to provide close to $1,000 to Hagar's House.*

This month marks 30 years of living in New Orleans, and (speaking holistically) it's taken all of my 55 years to create this series of poetry performances.

Can't make the big numbers smaller; not worried about making the small numbers bigger. So what are the right numbers? The ones that mark the trail. 

Means of Protection Fundraiser for Hagar's House

September 8, 2019 at 2PM

748 Camp Street (New Orleans Zen Temple building)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Admission:  $20 per person

Snacks by Luca Eats

*Hagar's House is a sanctuary for women and children in New Orleans.

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